Behaviour Policy (2020)

At Orchard Primary School we believe that all individuals within our school should feel valued and able to contribute towards the well-being of the school. Children have a right to a safe, sociable, orderly and non-threatening environment in which to work and play.

We believe that the use of a positive, supportive behaviour management system, which operates within a well-structured and consistent framework, contributes significantly to meeting the needs of all children.

Children learn best when they are clear about what is expected of them and when they are consistently encouraged to reach the expectations. Clear guidelines, reinforcement of positive aspects of children’s behaviour and the children's own sense of self-worth therefore will all contribute to their willingness to behave in an appropriate manner.

All adults, parents and members of the school staff have a responsibility towards the emotional and social development of all pupils and in the positive reinforcement of a child’s achievements.  



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