Art Policy (2021)


  • To promote children’s enjoyment of art and to develop confidence and a sense of achievement through the acquisition of skills and through the creative process
  • To stimulate each child’s creativity and imagination
  • To enable pupils to become visually literate: to understand and use Art as means of communication
  • To increase the pupils’ capacity to enjoy and value the visual, tactile and other sensory dimensions of the natural and manmade environment
  • To develop the pupils’ ability to articulate and communicate ideas, opinions and feelings about their own work and that of others
  • To develop the pupils’ aesthetic sensibilities and capacity for original thought
  • To increase awareness of the role and purpose of art and design in different times and cultures
  • To enable pupils to work from direct observation, imagination and memory using a wide range of materials and techniques developing their skills and control
  • To develop each child’s understanding of colour, form, texture and pattern through a broad and balanced curriculum

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