School Council and House Captain Election Results

After some superb public speaking in their video ‘hustings’ by our Y6 ‘candidates’, pupils from Y2 onwards have elected their new School Council President. All pupils impressed us with their confidence and pledges, but it was Austyn who was elected President, followed by Daisy who will be the Vice-President. However, as all of the children were so brilliant, Mrs Shields and Mrs Parker, who will be leading the work of the School Council again this year, have decided to recruit them all to help out in various key roles this year.

House Captains have also been elected. Congratulations to the following pupils: Samuel and Kaitlyn  (McLeans); Olivia and Oscar (Wheatcroft); Ellie and Manoa (Redgate) and Keifer and Georgina  (Coppice) 

House Competition team points are now up for grabs. Whilst the winning House Captains won’t be able to lift the trophy in Friday’s whole school celebration assembly, we’re still going to be valuing teamwork and co-operation.

01 Oct 2020

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