Outdoor Area Refurbishment

Some exciting news ... During the last few weeks, we have been busy improving the woodland area, so that pupils will be able to participate in lost of exciting outdoor learning activies.

Thanks to the PTA, and your support with fundraising, we were able to purchase many lovely new items, including fairy doors, shelters and a super storytelling chair with a log circle.  We also did a lot of grounds maintenance, creating defined pathways, and clearing away 'debris' and weeds so that all areas of the lovely space can now be used.

Whilst we still need to finish planting, erect the canopy and clear a couple more zones, we very much hope that you like what we've done so far.  We also now have a super resource folder full of the most exciting activities, so we can't wat to get going.  Muddy hands at the ready!

08 Jun 2020

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