House Competitions Week

We don’t like to do ‘low key’ so we thought we’d end a rather hectic half-term with an even more hectic (first ever) House Competitions Week!

All pupils took part in a variety of sporting and topic themed activities, earning points for their team (Coppice, McLeans, Wheatcroft & Redgate). The ‘Ultimate Scavenger Hunt’ proved to be a huge success with Coppice gaining a whopping 38 302 points! Thank you so much for all of your hard work in supporting this activity - we had some amazing items!

In school, other competitions  included: Problem    Solving (won by Wheatcroft House); Blindfold Penalty Shoot-Out (won by McLeans); Football,  Dodgeball and Orienteering; Mini-Olympic Games; an Art  Competition; Outdoor Learning Challenges …

I’m delighted to announce that Coppice  won our 2019 House Competitions Event with 45, 741 points; McLeans came in second place, followed by Wheatcroft and Redgate.

Very well done to all pupils for their excellent attitudes throughout the week.


03 Jun 2019

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