An Awesome Day of Learning

To remind pupils of the importance we place on developing ‘character’, the school ran a special Character Education Discovery Day.

Working in mixed aged groups, pupils took part in a range of activities to develop their skills and personal attributes across several fantastic learning zones including:

The Hut of Happiness (Happiness & Positive Attitude)

The Cabin of Creativity (Creativity, Imagination & Reflection)

The Den of Determination (Determination, Perseverance & Grit)

Classrooms of Concentration (Listening, Concentration)

The Hut of Happiness in Mrs Godsel’s classroom for example was a chance for pupils to develop a positive attitude, to laugh and have fun! Activities included a props photo booth and an art activity involving The Pig of Happiness! The Cabin of Creativity enabled pupils to create ‘Character Binoculars’ to spot important traits such as teamwork, problem-solving and perseverance. There was glitter, glitter and a bit more glitter! There were several Dens of Determination where pupils tackled a number of challenges problem solving, perseverance and determination. The tower building activity in Mr Cooper’s classroom proved to be particularly challenging! Many classrooms required pupils to concentrate - remembering a pathway across a 10x10 giant grid in the studio was a real brain teaser, as was walking blindfolded across a wooden bench.

The Bricks for Kidz Lego workshop proved to be a massive hit as well! There was lots of teamwork, collaboration and creative thinking in evidence. The moving models that pupils made were fantastic.

What was wonderful to hear were pupils using the language of character; explaining to staff for example how they were going to persevere and stay positive! With such good character traits becoming embedded in our pupils, they are truly on the road to academic and personal success – well done kids!

26 Nov 2018

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