The Science curriculum has four areas of study:

  • scientific enquiry – this is taught throughout all areas of science, not as an individual topic
  • animal and plants
  • materials
  • physical processes e.g. forces, electricity, light, sound

Science may be taught through subject-specific lessons or a topic-based approach depending on the theme. In our Science lessons, the children acquire knowledge and understanding through investigative work, practical activity and first-hand experience.  Our aim through this work is for children to be able to plan, hypothesise and predict outcomes, design and carry out investigations to test their hypothesis, interpret their results and be able to explain what these results mean.

The Science Policy and Plans can be found in the links below:
 Science Statement of Intent, Implementation & Impact.pdf
 Science Long Term Plan (LTP).pdf
 Science Progression Map.pdf
 Science Characteristics Grid.pdf
 Science Concept Key.pdf

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