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13 Nov 2023

Celebrating Pupils' Academic Success ...

Great news - last year’s Y2 and Y6 children performed higher than the national average for the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths (SATs 2023), as well as at the Greater Depth standard (KS1). A full breakdown of pupils’ academic achievements from last year can be viewed in ... (click to read more)

10 Nov 2023

Homework Menus: A Massive Thank You!

Taking pride in completing homework says a lot about a learner’s attitude. Thank you so much to all those parents who have ensured that their child’s homework is completed to a high standard. Thank you also to those parents who regularly hear their children read and sign the diary. Your support ... (click to read more)

10 Nov 2023

Sporting News November 2023

A fantastic festival of football saw the Orchard Y5/6 Boys’ Team produce some excellent performances against strong competition, winning the final on penalties. We were very impressed with the boys’ energy, enthusiasm and teamwork. Very well done to the Sports Ambassadors who represented the school at the Charnwood Sports Leader ... (click to read more)

03 Nov 2023

Pupil Leadership Councils 2023-24

Recent elections have resulted in Amelia being voted President of the School Council, and Charlotte Vice President. School Council members have also been elected and are due to have their first meeting soon. House Captains have also been elected! Congratulations to the following pupils: Redgate – Ethan and Amelie Wheatcroft – Zack and Ellora McCleans ... (click to read more)

03 Nov 2023

Character Education Day

To remind pupils of the importance we place on developing ‘character’, pupils took part in a special  Character Education Discovery Day which included working on a range of activities to develop their character muscles and personal attributes. ... (click to read more)

03 Nov 2023

Food Bank November 2023

Thank you to all of the families who donated items for our Food Bank. School Council have stocked the shelves and our one stop shop is available for anyone who needs it. Just pop in or phone the office. ... (click to read more)

31 Oct 2023

Fabulous Pharaohs 2023

A long lost tomb is discovered on the side of a mountain in the Valley of the Kings. The discovery is reported to the Cairo Museum of Antiquities who dispatch a team of archaeologists to investigate the discovery; open the tomb, and catalogue what’s inside….  Classes 5,6 & 7 used ... (click to read more)

30 Oct 2023

Happy Lunchtimes October 2023

Pupils in KS1 have been enjoying a wide variety of ‘Happy Lunchtimes’ games and activities in the different zones, organised by Mrs Marcer and our Sports Leaders. The obstacle course proving to be particularly popular! ... (click to read more)

27 Oct 2023

Curriculum News - KS2

Y5 & 6 are fully immersed in their new topic, ‘Keeping Healthy’, performing a dissection on a pig’s heart as part of their Inspiration Day, followed by a superb ‘Medical Maverick’s’ workshop for all of KS2, where, amongst other things, pupils were able to use an ultrasound machine to ... (click to read more)

27 Oct 2023

Holloween Theme Day 2023

A spookily good day was had by all! Thank you to everyone for supporting this fundraising event. ... (click to read more)

27 Oct 2023

Sporting News October 2023

Congratulations to the Y5 who represented the school in the recent ‘Active Start’ workshop at Charnwood College. We are exceptionally proud of the children for their super attitudes and excellent efforts. Very well done also to the Y5 /6 football teams who represented the school in two recent tournaments, as ... (click to read more)

26 Oct 2023

WW2 Day at Beaumanour 2023

Upper Key Stage 2 had a fantastic Inspiration Day as they were transported back as evacuees to WW2. As well as learning all about rationing and experiencing life in an air raid shelter, pupils also got the chance to decode secret messages, rather like the ones solved at Bletchley Park.  ... (click to read more)

23 Oct 2023

Enrichment Opportunities

As well as our fantastic after-school sports clubs, run by staff in our Sports Leadership Team, pupils have also been very busy at lunchtime developing their talents and learning new skills. Children in KS2 are loving learning how to use British sign language in a club run by Miss Walters. The ... (click to read more)

23 Oct 2023

Owl Babies! 2023

This half-term’s theme in EYFS has been inspired by the story ‘Owl Babies’. Thank you to ‘Birds on the Hand’ for helping with their Inspiration Day. ... (click to read more)

06 Oct 2023

Book Fair 2023

Thank you to all of our families who supported the Book Fair. We sold £657 of books which resulted in the school receiving hundreds of pounds back in commission. Mr Cooper will therefore be able to choose lots of new books for pupils across the whole school which will ... (click to read more)

02 Oct 2023

Grandparents Day

To celebrate National Grandparents Day, pupils brought their grandparents to school for the afternoon on 2nd October! It was great to see so many visitors in school. ... (click to read more)

02 Oct 2023

Our New EYFS Classes

Our wonderful Foundation Stage children have settled very happily into their new routines and are thoroughly enjoying exploring their inside and outdoor classrooms! ... (click to read more)

02 Oct 2023

Relish - Lunchtime Provider

Thank you for the positive feedback regarding our new lunch provider - Relish. We’re so glad that pupils are enjoying the new menus and the fantastic food on offer. Thanks to our wonderful kitchen team for all of their hard work. ... (click to read more)

28 Sep 2023

Macmillan Coffee Morning 2023

Thank you so much to the parents/visitors who attended our Macmillan Coffee Morning. We also very much appreciated the help from those who donated cakes or purchased cakes after school. ... (click to read more)

28 Sep 2023

PTA Film Night

Another fantastic film night was had by all! Thank you to the PTA for putting the refreshments together. ... (click to read more)

26 Sep 2023

European Day of Language

We celebrated the European Day of Languages with a special KS2 French Theme Day on 26th September. C'était une journée fantastique!  It was a super way to launch our new French Scheme from Kapow. ... (click to read more)

25 Sep 2023

Rock Kidz in the House

Rock Kidz ‘On Tour’ visited school to give pupils the opportunity to learn important life lessons in a fun way through their high energy rock-star workshops. It was loud, it was lively, it was great! ... (click to read more)

14 Sep 2023

KS1 Visit to the Adventure Farm

Y1&2 children had a super day at the Adventure Farm, where they explored the theme ‘Healthy Plants, Healthy People’. ... (click to read more)

11 Sep 2023

Free School Meals 2023

Is your child entitled to Free School Meals? Please check the PDF below to find out if your child is entitled to Free School Meals: Free School Meals,pdf ... (click to read more)

08 Sep 2023

Medical Mavericks – Curiosity and Questioning

To help pupils to discover amazing opportunities in the world of health, medicine and STEM, children in Key Stage 2 took part in a special ‘Mini-Medics’ workshop. Their curiosity was well and truly sparked as they took part in a range of exciting activities, including using an ultrasound machine ... (click to read more)

04 Sep 2023

We're all Back

It has been wonderful to have all of the children back in school. Pupils have been ecstatic to play with their friends again, have settled quickly into new routines and procedures and have returned to school with exceptionally positive attitudes towards their learning. We are incredibly proud of them. EYFS Our wonderful ... (click to read more)

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